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Bomb Pop shot
July 2014
Little bit of childhood! Bomb Pop Shot

1/3 ounce Sprite *
1/3 ounce lemon vodka *
2/3 ounce blue curacao
2/3 ounce grenadine

Mix the Sprite and vodka in a shaker with some ice to chill it.
Strain into glass.
Using a spoon turned upside down angled into the vodka mix just to slightly break the surface, very slowly pour the blue curacao. It must be done with patience, or the two will mix and you won't get the same effect. You'll see the white layer begin to exist. Next add in the grenadine. The easiest way to do this is to pour close to the edge of the glass to create an almost waterfall effect inside the glass. Since the grenadine is so thick, it'll drop to the bottom of the glass. Enjoy! Next call SlackerTown and leave us a message at the end of your party! 321.600.1200


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by Anonymous on 2014-06-08 01:33:29

I guess its just an other version of the candy conora, with or without the vodka and lime. In Games mixtape they say its just conora with a bit grenadine.One tip, dont shake! Just cover the top with your thumb and flip it one time upside down (sorry for my bad english)