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  • NetFlix and Post-Play

    Posted By:  Mr. Chris on 01/31/2014 at 12:01 AM

               So about 4 months ago Netflix rolled out a all new look for the app.  It looks great and makes it easier to find something to watch. I love it but they also added some thing called Post-Play.  The goal of Post-Play is to make watching Netflix more like normal TV so it will just play the next episode and you don’t have to do any thing.  Good plan but the problem is I like to hit play on Law and order and go to bed I have watched them all so I am really use using it for noise.  It used to play one and then stop kind of like the old sleep function on your TV, but after the update it will play 3ish then ask if you want it to play more and if you say yes it just keeps going till the end of the season.  With law and order that can be all night.  Well after months of bitching they have rolled out a fix.  1.  Login to you Netflix account.2.  On the right click on your account.3.  Click on PlayBack settings.4.  Uncheck play next episode automatically.So easy and makes Netflix work the way I want once more. Maybe next time they change the way things work they will add the option to turn it off up front.  

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Apollo Electric

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