Idyllic Descent - Band of the Month for June, 2014

Idyllic Descent

Location: Orlando, FL

Idyllic Descent is a female fronted alternative rock band from Central Florida. With influences ranging from alternative, rock, metal and progressive, Idyllic Descent draws from many genres for a dark and unique sound.

With our music, we want to evoke the same energy and passion as the music we grew up with. The music you had to listen to over and over again and you still couldn't get enough. All members have a diverse musical history and bring something interesting to the table, creating music that is hard to put into a single category.


Apollo Electric - Band of the Month for April, 2014

Apollo Electric

Location: Leesburg, FL

"Apollo Electric, formerly known as Dedbolt and Deadbolt Revival, is a High Energy Rock/Hip Hop/Rap band that gradually formed over the year 2010 when Ed (the lead vocalist) and Ryan (Guitar/backup vocalist) were introduced through a mutual friend. They added, removed, and replaced a multitude of musicians until landing on Ryan's brother Greg (drums), and Paul (Bass guitar) Ryan's roommate at the time.

A truly solid groove was formed, in no small part due to Greg's drive for perfection in every small part of the band.

For a year and a half the band continued with this lineup, adding another rhythm guitarist, Matt Fretwell. Sadly, Matt, Greg, and Paul left the band one after another to pursue the things that make them happy, and The original duo said goodbye to there band mates.

So now the band continues on with a bright future with their current lineup and Eyonni Williams on Bass and Mitchell Taylor on drums. Now, a powerful band has emerged."The band will be performing for a charity we fully support, "Autism Rocks". The event will be held at The Haven Lounge on August 29th, 2014. For more information, please visit


Tef London - Band of the Month for March, 2014

Tef London

Location: Orlando, FL

Tef London is the birth of an emerging wave of ska music based out of entertainment metro, Orlando, FL. While ska bands of the past have reggae and Jamaican influences, Tef London is guided by an invigorating mix of American music like swing and dixieland. The band boasts an incredible 4-piece horn section, comprised of some of the best local jazz musicians and features complex, big-band horn lines and a magnetic sound. With shout vocals, a rockin' female lead on bass, and a kicking rhythm section, Tef London has sold out shows across the state of Florida.The suit and tie ensemble plays both ska favorites and original music which has filled a niche for innovative ska music. With influences like Reel Big Fish, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Streetlight Manifesto and Squirrel Nut Zippers, Tef London continues to make their mark across the state of Florida.

In September 2010, Tef London (formerly called Teflon Don) shot a low budget music video for their single, "One for the Drinkers" which was featured on Blank TV, he largest collection of punk, ska, oi, hardcore and indie music videos anywhere! featured Tef London on their news page for their DIY philosophy and independent music video release.

Tef London has opened for myriad of national acts including Big D & the Kids Table, Anberlin, J. Cole, The Pietasters, Mustard Plug, The Supervillains, Fishbone, Whole Wheat Bread, The English Beat, We The Kings, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and more! The "suit and tie" ensemble continues to perform across the state at large festivals and venues. This riveting ska band has been featured in Connections Magazine twice in 2011 with rave reviews and was voted in the Orlando Weekly Reader's Poll for Best Ska/Reggae Act in both 2011 AND 2012. Tef London has been nominated for awards by the Singer Songwriter Association in 2011 and 2012 for most unique band, in 2011 for songwriter of the year (Jenny Morrison), and in 2012 for musician of the year (Chris King).

Members of the band performed in the video for ESPN's Monday Night Football with Hank Williams Jr., to be aired in the beginning of each game, but after 3 airings, was pulled off the air for political reasons.

In 2013, the band changed their name from Teflon Don to Tef London because of the connotation with Memphis amateur rapper by the same name. "It was time to make some changes," says Jenny. "He made it a point that he didn't want to support aspiring musician's careers and we just didn't want to be associated with the bad guy." "It was either fight for what was right and spend all we have or take a deep breath, and let it all go." The name change brought on a significant set of line up changes, including switching from a male vocalist to a female vocalist, and the return of world-famous trombone player, Clay Lucovich.

The response to the changes has been overwhelmingly positive with a flooded inbox for show and booking requests. The band is currently in the studio recording their second EP. In 2013, Tef London once again placed in the Orlando Weekly's Best of Orlando, but this time for best punk band.


Recent Release: 


Kept Quiet - Band of the Month for February, 2014

Kept Quiet

Location: Winter Park, FL (Orlando area)

Kept Quiet is:Jason Hubbard - Lead Vocals / Rhythm GuitarDavid Minshall - Vocals / Lead GuitarApril Marie - Vocals / Bass / KeysChris Classic - Vocals / Drums Formed in early 2013, Kept Quiet has been an experiment in creating a sincere, heartfelt, and dynamic message through music. The honest lyrics, driving guitar, strong harmonies, and large explosive sound are what make Kept Quiet resonate with such a diverse following. Our sound has been described as complex alternative with undertones of punk, metal, and pop with influences ranging from Story of the Year to Matchbox Twenty.

We are very excited to finally spread our wings and share our music with all of family, friends, and those we are yet to meet.

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Chaddy Boom - Band of the Month for January, 2014

Chaddy Boom

Location: Orlando, FL

      "It's Chaddy B to the Boom!" These are the words that will ring when you see Chaddy Boom at a live show. This singer/songwriter/actress/choreographer out of Orlando's live performances mix her style of "poppish-rockish" songs and bring them to life. From the "island-rockish" sounds of "For the Ride" to the upbeat "poppish" sounds of "Remedy", Chaddy Boom will make sure she keeps the whole crowd in tune, even if they have never seen her perform."When I saw you I called you little Janet Jackson" said singer/actress Christina Milian after seeing lead singer Chaddy perform in 2006.      Chaddy Boom has just released her singles "For the Ride" and "Remedy" which are for sale on itunes and Cd Baby, which can be purchased from her website The music videos for these songs can also be viewed on the site. She is also in the studio finishing up songs for her upcoming EP Poppish-Rockish, soon to be released.       Chaddy Boom (who's real name is Chadet Aleem, first name pronounced as the singer Sade) was born in Buffalo, New York. Both sides of her family have a musical backgrounds so music has always been a part of her life. She graduated from the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts with a degree in theatre and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre as well. During college, Chaddy received a lot of experience performing live on stage through dance. She was on two dance teams in College which landed her on BET's Spring Bling Revamped and on BET's 106th and Park 3 times. When she graduated college she decided it was time to focus on her music.      In 2012 Chaddy decided she needed a live band for her show. It took her until May of 2013 to accomplish this. In the band are background singer/dancer J.D., drummer Tom, guitarist Jimmy, and Gary on bass. She categorizes her style of music as "Poppish-Rockish." This is a fusion of Pop, Rock , R&B and hints of Hip Hop, giving the reason the "ish" was added. "I like all types of music. I just want to do what I feel and entertain while I am doing it" says this performer who also likes to incorporate choreography into her performances. Her song For the Ride is more on the rock side and the music video displays lots of choreogphaphy. "I heard singer Franky Beverly say on an award show ‘Do what you feel. Don't fall for the flavor of the week.' I believe this is true and I was so glad to hear that because it is exactly how I feel. Great rewards do not come without great risks.".



Love for you to introduce yourself to our readers....Chaddy: Lead Vocals, dancer, choreographerJ.D.: Background dancer and vocalsTom: DrumsJimmy: GuitarGary: BassRam: Keyboard

What advice would you give to other artist/bands trying to get momentum in the industry?

Connect with the fans, stay true to the type of artist you are and go at it full force. Build great relationships. Keep learning and stay humble!


What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely helped your project grow?

I got an actual live band. At first it was just me, Chaddy, singing along to backtracks onstage alone. Putting together a live band was my short term goal dream and I had to make it come to life.


Who writes the Lyrics, is it a group effort?

Chaddy, the lead singer writes the lyrics and creates the melodies.


Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?

We like to show support to other local bands and build relationships through them and when at their shows mingle with other audience members and talk to them about who we are. 


What genre would you really describe the band as?

Poppish Rockish


Is there anything you would like to tell our Reader's about upcoming events or new tracks?


We will be performing at Holly and Dolly's in Casselberry on January 24th , the Daytona Music festival on February 8th and Delandapalooza on April 12th! Holly and Dolly's is free. We are also giving away free tickets to the Daytona and Deland festivals! The first 10 people to go to the website and go to contacts and message with "free tickets" will receive 1 free ticket to the festival! 



Dub-T - Band of the Month for September, 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida

Dub-T is an Orlando artist originally from Jacksonville, Florida who has been performing, recording, and independently selling music since 2001. The former lead singer of the statewide successful band GreyScaleMusic, now has released three albums that are available on I-Tunes and various internet retailers. On the recent ‘That’s How We Roll’ E.P. the production is provided by multi-platinum producer Gary Carolla, who also is the artist’s manager. Dub-T combines great music, live energy, and complex artistry into the performance that makes him a great act to watch.




Clayton Senne - Band of the Month for June, 2010

Clayton Senne

Location: Orlando, FL

The way Clayton Senne sees it, a songwriter’s work is never done and that’s just how he likes it.  Onstage for the fifth night in a row, he plays his crowd-favorite “Walk Out The Door,” but this time adding in just enough tweaks and twists to keep it fresh and fun - not just for his fans, but every bit as much for himself.  Such is the life of a singer/songwriter who loves the road and plays a different show each night, even if the set list remains the same.  “I’m constantly tinkering with songs, even after they’re recorded,” he explains.  “I’m not making these major, sweeping changes, but maybe I’ll alter a certain emphasis or chord. They’re still living, breathing parts of me and are always going to grow and morph and change.”  For Senne, whose songs are built around the fluidity of feelings and emotions, it’s only natural that they shift shapes during live sets whether they be his own headlining gigs or opening slots for Marcy Playground, Eve 6, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers or Vertical Horizon.  “As a fan, I think it’s incredible to go to shows and say, ‘oh cool, it was recorded like this but the performer killed it in another fashion.’  And I don’t want to shortchange myself musically, I want to feel that freedom onstage and not be confined to completely duplicate the recorded version….if ‘Cry’ is really flowing one night and the crowd is really into it, yeah, we’ll toss a couple of extra lines in there.  I’d do myself and them a disservice to just say ‘hey this song is 3:42 and I can’t go a second over.’”It usually takes the spirit and ability of a seasoned professional to approach each concert with this kind of casual confidence, not a youth whose peers are still taking shaky, tentative steps toward adulthood and careers.  But Senne started on his journey decades ago while growing up in Kansas.  The son of working musicians, he describes a childhood of piano lessons (from Dad, of course) that began before Kindergarten and of being “a five year old kid in the bars at 3am watching my parents play.”  Their artistic influence runs deep, explaining how he can channel such deep blues and soul in each of his songs.  And their professional influence is even more obvious - becoming a songwriter and musician was a natural, and extremely supported, choice for their son.  Despite such a seasoned approach to his work, Senne remains remarkably modest about his own soulful pop.  On his debut album, Wonderland, he aims to just let people know who he is.  “I want it to be something I can have confidence behind and use as a great foundation.  I want to hand it to people and maybe open some really cool doors as much as I want my niece or nephew to love it.”  And those doors are indeed swinging open, including the front gates at MTV, who picked both “Cry” and “The Sun Will Rise” for their hit series “The City” and “Wonderland” for The Real World: Brooklyn.Wonderland is a personal tome, a collection of songs that reflects his life, songs that tell of the heartbreak and mutual destruction of a 3 year relationship that was headed toward the altar.  “A lot of the lyrics on the album are about my (and friends’) experiences, but recently when the audience starts singing along with me at shows it’s been making me hear them from a whole new perspective,” he laughs, “and it makes me want to be an even  better writer.” While Senne is a multi-instrumentalist and a complex songwriter, he chose to include two tracks on the album that are stripped down, pairing his vocals with only a piano.  “There’s that temptation to squeeze too much into a song, just to sort of say ‘hey look at all this cool stuff I can do,’ and I won’t lie – I certainly went through that phase,” he admits.  “But I’ve grown so much and feel so comfortable in my own abilities that I don’t feel like I have to overdo it.”While working on the album, Senne penned “The Sun Will Rise,” a slow ballad that actually brought him to tears as he wrote the lyrics.  “I’m amazed that even with all the emotion I put into the song, I think it’s the album’s best crafted one, too, totally stripped down to chords, melody and lyrics.”  His emotion breaks through again on “Cry,” the first song Senne’s stepfather gave his stamp of approval on.  “He’s an incredible musician,” Senne raves, “a real bluesman and when he said ‘dammit son, I wish I had wrote that, can my band cover it?’ it was the height of my career.  I learned so much about what it means to feel each note or word in a song from him.”  Wonderland has its share of fun, too, with songs like the title track, an uptempo, fun crowd-pleaser where he strives to create something broad enough for his audience to love while bringing even the most cynical songwriter to his feet right alongside them.

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Jenn Grinels - Band of the Month for March, 2010

Jenn Grinels

Location: here and there United States

"Grinels began to sing and the whole room stopped breathing. She has a dazzling voice, Chrissie Hynde's mojo, Rickie Lee Jones' feel for the jazz in the spaces between notes and a unfailing sense of the dynamics called for in each moment." --- Southeast Missourian (Bluebird Cafe, Nashville)"Stunning Vocals and Original Songs; Extraordinary New Discovery""Grinels' voice really has to be heard to be believed. It’s jazzy in its pacing, soulful in its delivery, heartfelt in its sensuous tone . . . it will be interesting to see how the future unfolds for this soon-to-be legendary singer.----P.T. Rothschild, Full Value Reviews "I was immobilized by awe, [Grinels] was amazing - When she plays - hearts open . . . she knows how to hear the voice that tells us all what we were meant for. " - Vincent Lowe,"Her voice is just absurd. Two artists kept coming to mind - Martin Sexton and Fiona Apple. Sexton because of her vocal focus & control. Fiona Apple because of her tell-off confessional/conversational lyrics, her penchant for complex rhyme schemes (like rhyming a 3 syllable word with a 4 syllable word), and her powerful, listen-up-buster delivery. She also understands the importance of dynamic changes, and songs go from sultry whispers to soulful cries in like .3 seconds." - (San Francisco)

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Orange Avenue - Band of the Month for February, 2010

Orange Avenue

Location: Orlando, FL

Orange Avenue is a five-piece American Rock band from the shores of Daytona Beach. They started up like many previous acts, a diverse group of local musicians, and have since formed into one of Florida’s largest concert draws. Borrowing from the formula of vocals/guitar/bass/drums they’ve added their own twist to the equation with the inclusion of keyboard/percussion player Glenn Sedita to set them apart sonically. The five-some released their self titled debut cd (known by fans as the orange album) in the middle of ‘07. Building on their hard work and do-it-yourself attitude, the group has currently sold over 11,000 copies of their first cd with no major marketing/tour support other than shameless self promotion at gigs and on the street. The album garnered airplay from such radio stations locally as wjrr/orlando and wvyb/daytona and press from numerous central Florida publications. In the few short years since the album’s release they have shared the stage with The All American Rejects, Rihanna, Smash Mouth, Hello Goodbye, Low vs. Diamond, Egypt Central, Pop Evil and many more talented artists. The band recently released the follow up to the debut cd aptly titled “Reset.” The new material has been described as a more focused and concise effort by the group. From the synthesizer grind of ‘Just Refrain’ to the unapologetic ‘This Time Baby’ and the dance driven ‘Nightwalk’, Reset has a distinct character unto itself.  “We went in the studio this time with the mindset to write exciting songs people can sink their teeth into” says Derek Anderson the group’s frontman. “We kind of wanted to show all the different styles we were capable of on our first disc. On this disc we wanted to show what we do best” says guitarist Chris Yetter. The track ‘Just Refrain’ has been recently featured on the MLB Network for their games of the week and other various station programming  and “No Goodbyes” has just started rotation and receiving rave reviews on Daytona’s 103.3FM WVYB.  Looking to build on the still growing success of their first record, ‘Reset’ has got the group in the position to widely expand their fan base all while looking to leave their unique mark on the musical landscape. I asked the band to provide us with a drunk story from on the road and this is it. The Disappearing Act:Many venue owners don't mind and even encourage their female patronsto get up on stage and dance while the band plays. A lot of times,especially during the last few sets, the more intoxicated women willshow off moves that would've made Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancingblush (RIP Patrick Swayze). On one particular night at a club in FortWayne, Indiana called Piere's, a group of women came up on stage anddid what a 50's band would've named "The Slosh". They grabbed ourmicrophones and sang, what their bachelorette party thought, werebeautifully rehearsed renditions of every song we performed. Theyspilled drinks onto monitor wedges, foot pedals and brand new shoes inthat "cute" way that makes using your food money for gear expenses"fun". They even knew how to improv and "grinded" our fretboardsuntil C's became C sharps, and band members became "people holderuppers". Witnesses say we transcended that night to a new level ofmusic one can only describe as "Wuh?" (It's a bit like acid rock, onlywithout the acid and with earplugs).And here comes the best part.At some point during this frenzy an even drunker woman decided that(she + drums = good idea). She made her way through the lesser drunksoon-to-be bride's maids and headed straight for the drum riser. Shedid this sort of "Drunken Master meets Ninja Gaiden" move through theamps and guitar stands and finally found herself behind the kit. Seankept playing and managed to wince his way through several more songs--keeping his cool and hoping things wouldn't get too crazy (whichusually means too broken at times like these). Right behind the 1/2foot drum riser on the 4 foot stage was a 6 foot catwalk, and betweenthose two structures a thick but loose curtain hid a floor-leveltech-area behind the stage. The rest of us played on as well, butevery minute or so we'd look back at Sean and this very drunk womanthat was dancing, leaning and falling all over the kit and sometimesSean himself.Then, it happened. All I can remember is looking back, seeing a drunklady, looking back again... no lady. Sean had a look of horror on hisface, and the band will never forget it. A few moments later we foundout she was o.k., but she definitely made-out with the club floor thatnight.


Rebecca Loebe - Band of the Month for January, 2010

Rebecca Loebe

Location: Atlanta, GA

Rebecca Loebe is a laid-back award-winning indie-folk singer from Atlanta, GA.  Since quitting her job as a full-time recording studio engineer in 2006, she has performed 100+ shows per year at colleges, coffeehouses and theaters in over 30 states of the US and in Europe.  She has garnered rave reviews for her high-energy performances, weaving together skillful, emotional songwriting, folk storytelling and whimsical comedy for the ADHD generation.

In the May of 2009 she was honored as a winner at the Kerrville Grassy Hill New Folk Songwriting Competition, and in 3 years of full time touring she has shared the stage with greats such as Glen Phillips, Angie Aparo, Ellis Paul, Sophie B. Hawkins, Emerson Hart, Ellis Paul, Girlyman & The Bacon Brothers.


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