NetFlix and Post-Play

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Friday - January 31 2014












So about 4 months ago Netflix rolled out a all new look for the app.  It looks great and makes it easier to find something to watch. I love it but they also added some thing called Post-Play.  The goal of Post-Play is to make watching Netflix more like normal TV so it will just play the next episode and you don’t have to do any thing.  Good plan but the problem is I like to hit play on Law and order and go to bed I have watched them all so I am really use using it for noise.  It used to play one and then stop kind of like the old sleep function on your TV, but after the update it will play 3ish then ask if you want it to play more and if you say yes it just keeps going till the end of the season.  With law and order that can be all night.  Well after months of bitching they have rolled out a fix.  

1.  Login to you Netflix account.

2.  On the right click on your account.

3.  Click on PlayBack settings.

4.  Uncheck play next episode automatically.

So easy and makes Netflix work the way I want once more. Maybe next time they change the way things work they will add the option to turn it off up front. 


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Look what came in the mail today!!!

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Thursday - October 31 2013












Fresh off the UPS truck the new drunk dialing Koozies have arrived.  They are up and in the store for a great deal right now also we only charge $5 shipping per order so I would get a couple.


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Slackertown September testing...

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Wednesday - September 21 2011

 We are testing some updates to the web site that were made over the past couple of weeks.  So have a couple of drink and give us a ring... We are giving out prizes to the best call over the next couple weeks and the person who post the most pictures so get your drink on.



Prizes for BEST CALL and PICTURE.  


Call 321-600-1200

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Old Sckool DJ Party at the SlackerHouse.

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Monday - July 12 2010

Over the weekend the Slackerhouse was rocken till about 7:30 AM.   The party was very short notice but one hell of a good time.   Lot's of pictures are coming soon so keep your eyes open for them.   Also once I find out from the COPS that I am allowed to talk about the events of the knight I will make an update to this post and fill in all the details.

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SlackerTown F The MAN rants....

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Monday - May 24 2010

The Videos from the F The Man Show are starting to roll out....

We should be posting a couple a week until we run out but SlackerTown has been asked to more shows so I hope we never run out of rants...


For the SlackerTown Channel....


 For the Q Rant


Thanks to every one who got in the booth I am loving editing them.....




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Slackertown Dart Team...

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Sunday - May 02 2010

We did it we took down some wins in the Vegas Team Dart events...  Before we get to what places I have to vent about the fact that they started dart events at 8AM.   What the hell have they ever talked with a dart player we like to get up late and drink before playing this had some dart players up and drinking at 6 AM.   I however did not drink before my morning events just the night ones.   Over all the Slackertown team did great with a 5th place finish in 501 and Mr.Chris took 9th in singles cricket.   Not bad for a first trip to Vegas.   We got a lot done in addition to just darts.  It feels like we hit even casino on the strip but we did miss a few we also hit up some shows.   I will take some time and post up some reviews on all that later.  


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Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Monday - March 29 2010

The Tickets are booked and fees are paid the Dart team is going to Vegas...  

We will be playing in the TEAM DART XXV @ The Riviera Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada  USA

We are flying in on Friday and will be playing in the Events over the weekend...  If you are in Vegas please come out and support the Slackertown teams we should be easy to pick out in the Drunk Dialer Shirts.  I will post some more info as the event gets closer.

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F! The Man Fest.....

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Tuesday - March 16 2010

A celebration of local and indie culture and a big middle finger to corporatism, consumerism and "The Man".   March 20th, 2010 at 8PM at the Cameo Theatre.  Great bands, FREE food, cheap drinks, local art, finger painting, and Mr.Chris from

 On Stage we will have; 


Run Rhino

One Night Stan

Comedy by Alex and the Beard is taking over a Phone Booth for some one on one time with people to find out more about "The MAN" so make sure you stop by and you just might get a FREE drink.

Tickets are only 5 bucks and you can get them at



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New Shirts for the slackers.

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Thursday - January 28 2010

This is one of the new shirts that should in in the store in the next 2 weeks...  Keep your eyes out also some random callers will get new shirts for free.

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The New Site is up and time for some Beta testing...

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Saturday - January 02 2010 is backup and running.  It has been a lot of work to get the new site up and we are now ready for some testing.  I know what you are thinking testing why would I want to help you test your web site.  Well that is easy I am giving out free stuff.   All you have to do is get an account and use it.  Send over e-mails to with any issues you have.  We will be watching who is drunk dialing and putting up photos and 'commenting'.   We will be mailing out slacker kits to the top users the come with the New SlackerTown Drunk Dialer shirt





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