Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Monday - October 28 2013

Jägermeister Spice


Jägermeister has stayed free and clear of the flavor wars until now. Jägermeister Spice is a holiday limited flavor. I picked it up last night hoping it would be the same old Jägermeister kick but with a twist on the flavor.  Turns out that is not the case it is 50 proof so it takes more to feel it and it has much less flavor also the color in significantly lighter.  I know Jägermeister is one of the drinks people love or hate. How ever I did like it with DrPepper but the JägerBomb that rocketed Jägermeister into the limelight was not as good with the spice. I don’t want to come across as downing the new product.  It just was not what I was expecting when I think of spice it would be kicking it up not a weaker less flavorful mix.  I will give it one more try next weekend.  So send us some drink ideas and we will test them out. 

E-mail the best drink idea will win a free T-Shirt.  We have to get it done fast as this is listed as a limited edition on the Jägermeister web site.



Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Tuesday - January 26 2010

When you think vodka, you don't automatically think "blueberry".  But after trying the Van Gogh Acai Blueberry vodka, I was hooked.  The color is a vibrant purple.  You get the distinct blueberry flavor right up front (and it's delicious).  There is a smooth aftertaste from the acai nectar.  And speaking of acai.  It is a berry that is the newest super fruit.  It's levels of antioxidants are through the roof.  While I don't know how alcohol affects the antioxidant properties, it personally makes me feel a little better that I'm drinking something considered a "super fruit".  

This vodka is versatile too.  While drinking it straight is a viable option, I prefer it in a variety of mixed drinks.  Mixing the acai blueberry vodka with a lemon-lime soda is yummy, and the tartness from the citrus adds an interesting aspect.  There is also a drink that involves the vodka, vanilla vodka, a splash of cream, and a splash of blue curacao.  It tastes exactly like blueberry yogurt.  And I love blueberry yogurt.  There are also martini recipes, and frozen drink options.  While it is definitely a distinct flavor, it can be used in many applications.

Posted By:  Mr. Chris on Wednesday - July 16 2008



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